Bio: Executive Officers

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Alyssa Phillips, CEO

Alyssa Phillips has over 10 years in the Criminal Justice field. Mrs. Phillips has worked in various positions of leadership in the National Security Agency (NSA). Mrs. Phillips has served as a Technical Director as well as a Deputy Chief for a fast-pace Security branch within the National Security Agency.

Prior to working for the NSA, Alyssa worked in the juvenile justice system in Nebraska.

Mrs. Phillips holds two Master's Degrees, Cybersecurity & Public Administration. Mrs. Phillips' Undergraduate Degree is in Criminal Justice.

Mrs. Phillips' has completed leadership education at the National Cryptologic School (afforded for those in Intelligence Community) to prepare her for leadership in fast-pace security environment.

Mrs. Phillips brings her high degree of leadership to Executive Protection to ensure that our customers are provided with superior security solutions for years to come.

K. Orville Fox, COO

K. Orville Fox has over 15 years of working in the Federal Government mission space. Fox is an industry-leading Cybersecurity professional that served on multiple contracts with the Federal Government to provide Cybersecurity expertise to ensure that our Nation's most critical communications are protected.

Much of Mr. Fox's experience is within the US Intelligence Community (NSA, DIA). As such Mr. Fox holds a Full-Scope (Lifestyle and Counter Intelligence) Polygraph.

Mr. Fox served in the US Army. While serving in the Army, Fox served in Kuwait.

Mr. Fox holds a Bachelor's Degree in Cybersecurity and has attended the National Cryptologic Schoolfor various courses related to National Security.

Protecting and securing is apart of Mr. Fox's everyday life. He brings a wealth of experience to Executive Protection to ensure all bases are covered when developing and maintaining security plans.