About Us

About Executive Protection

Executive Protection has been around since 1982, evolving to offer our clients superior security solutions. Our growth is a direct reflection of our dedication to providing the best services to our clients by valuing and appreciating our staff.

We’ve earned a reputation for providing the highest quality service at competitive rates. The steps we take today are simply building blocks to assure that this reputation continues well into the future.

Unlike many of our competitors, the management team you work with today is the same team that you will work with tomorrow. Stability in our management team has, in part, been responsible for the consistency in our customer base.

About our Owners

We are owned and operated by Veterans that are active civilians with the National Security Agency. This comes with each owner maintaining a Top Secret/SCI clearance and an abundance of specialized training. The strategic vision and direction of the company is heavily dependent on the Executive Leadership. Luckily our CEO and COO come with a wealth of experience to continue to drive our company into growth paired with exceptional customer service that exceeds our customer's expectations.

Check out our Executive leadership's biography.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board consist of active and retired Federal Law Enforcement Agents; this allows our leadership to stay current on effective security tactics and skills necessary to pass down to our workforce.

We are Headquartered

We are strategically headquarters in Lincoln, NE to accommodate the growth of our company as it expands across the US and globe. By being centralized (In the middle of the US), it allows our headquartered leadership to quickly get to our field sites. Our headquarter's leadership prides itself with routinely meeting with our front-line staff, supervisors and clients. This approach has given our company a reputation as evidenced by satisfied customers who have entrusted us with their security solutions for decades.

3100 "O" Street Suite 5, Lincoln NE 68510

Our Federal Contracting Office

We offer security services to our Federal Government partners. As such, we have conveniently located our field office in the Baltimore-Washington area.

606 Main Street Suite 2, Laurel MD 20707

Contact Us: Phone: 402-476-7907 Email: info@epguards.com